We're super excited: Check out the videos of short bible study lessons at lifeisahymn.com. It's everything an online Bible study should be:


Short: each lesson is around 10 minutes.


Videos: want to read a bunch of pages worth of text on a monitor? Me neither.


A an actual STUDY: An academic, mentally stimulating series, that puts the study, back in Bible study.


Bible studies for busy believers: the "lesson work" from each study is simply a thought/question to ponder and wrestle with as your going throughout your day--making your commutes and line wasting time more productive.


Bible study charts: this may be my favorite part.  I've never seen this kind of rigorous academic style effectively incorporated into a layman study until now.


Relevant to today: This Genesis bible study series makes that ancient text relevant to people living in 2010, in the least expected way: it takes us back to the culture of 2010 BC.    


I’m Matthew Freeman, a Christian Speaker and Bible Study author. This website is here for one simple reason: I get immense joy out of making Scripture sing for people and watching it bring healing and freedom into people's lives.


The resources found throughout this site are designed to help you explore the infinite depths of God's love and to challenge the limits of your hope, through concise, thought provoking writings and studies.


"Mercy's Door Forever Now is Open"

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Current Events

The latest blog in the Defined by Love blog series is just an expression of my desire for fatherhood, inspired by an Andrew Peterson song and video.

The latest blog in the Camelot series examines the subconscious reasons that cause women to test men in relationships.


It teaches men how to recognize and pass the tests that women use to subconsciously determine the The Mettle of a Man.

This blog kicks off the Camelot series by addressing the underlying reasons why women feel that men of strength and vision are bereft in our society.


It then speaks to the ways in which men can recapture their vision and live lives of purpose; which will fulfill them in ways far deeper and richer than they will find in the pursuit of a woman. The irony being: their higher purpose is what usually attracts women to their side.

In my new Article The Fallacy of Feminism: One Ring to Bind Them... I examine the ways in which Feminism breeds shame and guilt into women and offers them an impoverished solution to the problems of inequality and gender based oppression.

The way of the Strong Christian Man has been lost and it is my fervant desire to help men recapture their strength in my new blog series: Reclaiming Camelot.

I have uploaded a sermon series on the book of Jonah. It was a sermon series at a Nashville Church. Three speakers covered this amazing book, verse by verse, over the course of an entire summer.

I've added an entire section detailing my vision of being able to do Missions work year round and with a new purpose. My vision and information on how you can get connected with missions projects in Africa and Bangladesh are included.