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The Bengali Evangelical Association


The nation of Bangladesh is one of the poorest in the world. It is wrought with gross over-population and suffers from natural disasters; both of which combine to cause enormous loss of life on a regular basis.



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The entire nation is roughly the size of Iowa and has a population of over 141 million people. The starvation in the nation is immense. The rural villages of Bangladesh have about 110 million people and are seeing very little outreach by Christian groups. It is a most difficult area in which to operate, with a 90% Muslim population, and a 10% Hindu/Buddhist minority.


In spite of very real persecution the Bengali Evangelical Association is boldly risking their lives to reach out in very practical, service oriented ways, which have earned the respect and affection of these people who continually prove to be very open to the Gospel message, with baptisms and congregations springing up wherever the Gospel is preached.


While the BEA has multiple programs in place, the one that stirs my heart to action is the Give-A-Goat program. For $40 you can buy a goat for a starving family. That one goat will transform the lives of that family in the following ways:


• Feed them: One goat can produce enough milk to provide the necessary nutrients to sustain a family in times of food shortages.


• Give them dignity: The nation is so poor that owning just one goat will take a family from poverty to middle-class status.


• Allow them to give back: Goats are commonly known to give birth to twins and deliver one set per year. So when we give the goat to a family, we do it with the understanding that if that goat gives birth to twins, they give one of the two kids to another family in need.


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Goats typically give birth for the first time around their second birthday and will produce a litter of two goats each year thereafter. So in ten years, by just giving away the twin goats, your $40 could potentially turn in to goats for 3,840 starving families! If they only give birth to twins half of the time, that is still 1,920 families transformed by people who come in the name of Jesus Christ and do for them what no one else will do.


I know the people who lead this mission organization. I saw first hand as one of them went through the process of planning and carrying out a missions trip to buy and deliver goats. I was amazed when I found out that he was paying for all of his travel expenses out of his own pocket. So I know for certain that every penny donated to this program goes towards purchasing the goat.


In fact, I was blown away about a year ago, when I received a letter in the mail with this picture below. I have no interest in these families ever knowing who has given them the goat, apart from the name of Jesus; but it really hit home how much direct impact we can have for people half-way around the world.


Missions Map


So if it is at all possible, I would encourage you to Give-A-Goat to a family in need. You can send a check or pay by card here:


Bengali Evangelical Association