Busy Believer's Bible Study


We live in the busiest, most demanding society on the face of the earth. Every minute of our lives seems to be devoured by an unquenchable list of demands and requirements. On top of all that we must do to keep our heads above water, we live with a silent disappointment in ourselves that we don’t spend enough time on the things of God. So what are we to do?


Well, I offer you a new concept for Bible Study. I call it, "Bible Studies for the Busy Believer." I do not believe that we need or should spend one to two hours working our way through a long Bible study lesson. The time commitment is discouraging and there is usually too much information to be able to meditate on.


So I am writing a Bible study series of no more than one verse, one thought or one idea. A short reading to start your morning with and then meditate on throughout the day: as you’re sitting at red lights, waiting for your coffee, walking to and from your car, daydreaming at work; redeeming the lost minutes of our day.


I pray that these studies will continually bring you back to where you belong: sitting at the foot of your Father, listening to Him teach you new understandings of the unfathomable depths of His love for you, restoring you to the sanity of a child’s joy, giggling at His audacious and encompassing love for you.



Bible Study on Genesis 1-11


The first eleven chapters of Genesis are unlike any other section of Scripture. They are designed to give you the principles and paradigm to answer the greatest questions of life: Who is God? who am I? Why is this world so messed up? What is the purpose of my life? What is God doing in my life? How do I make a life-altering decision like marriage, career, etc; when more than one choice appears wise and good?


I invite you to journey through Genesis and dare to hope that you can find real answers to the most puzzling questions if your life in these eleven short chapters of Scripture.


Understanding the Wisdom of Genesis
Genesis 1 | Genesis 2 | Genesis 3

Understanding the Wisdom of Genesis | Back to the Top

Learning to communicate with the wisdom of the past... (coming soon.)

Genesis 1 | Back to the Top

What is the nature of God and what is He doing in my life... (coming soon.)

Genesis 2 | Back to the Top
What is the purpose of my life and what can I do live a life that God would want to bless, as He sees fit... (coming soon.)

Genesis 3 | Back to the Top

Why do I worship God one minute and then disregard His will the next? I know He isn't blind to the compulsive and uncontrollable actions of my life. What must He think? I'm afraid to face Him in my failures, but ignoring Him in the moments doesn't make Him go away... (coming soon.)

Genesis 4 | Back to the Top

I keep hearing people (and Scripture) say that I am forgiven and God loves me. But more often than not, I feel lost in guilt and far from God's love... (coming soon.)

Genesis 5 | Back to the Top

Where has God been the for the past 2,000 years? He used to break in to time and do miraculous events on a global scale. Are those days over... (coming soon.)

Genesis 6 | Back to the Top

When is it time to give up and start over... (coming soon.)

Genesis 7 | Back to the Top

How does God wash our lives clean... (coming soon.)

Genesis 8 | Back to the Top

How can I keep from repeating the mistakes of the past... (coming soon.)

Genesis 9 | Back to the Top

How can I deal with my compulsive desires in a health manner... (coming soon.)

Genesis 10 | Back to the Top

How can I know where is best for me to live and circle of friends to seek?... (coming soon.)

Genesis 11 | Back to the Top

How do I choose the right career and figure out which companies I should work for and which ones I should avoid... (coming soon.)


Coming Eventually... | Back to the Top

Studies on the Sermon on the Mount and a series on Prayer.