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On Christian Ministry and Missions

Christian Missions 2.0: Throughout history, God has continually moved in new ways, depending upon the culture in which He desired to move. In our generation, we again face new opportunities and challenges. None moreso than in missions work. This article on Christian Missions 2.0 examines a view of missions work that is birthed out of our unique moment in the history of God's endless movements of wooing humanity into His loving embrace. more »

On Church History

Early Church Persecution: An examination of the persecution of the early church, in every major social setting. more »

On Christian Theology

Sermon on the Mount - Jesus Discipleship Training of the Apostles: The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5-7 is Jesus' first discipleship training of his new followers. The usual approach we take to a teaching passage such as the Sermon on the Mount is with the expectation of building up our spirituality. However, Jesus' agenda is rarely in line with our expectations... more »

On Other Topics

The Fallacy of Feminism: One Ring to Bind Them...: Examines the ways in which Feminism breeds shame and guilt into women and offers them an impoverished solution to the problems of inequality and gender based oppression. more »