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Defined By Love: Finding Joy in the Journey

This is where you will encounter the raw reality of my life. I am a conflicted and contradicted man with a heart full of love that cannot love, bound by the constant sinking in the quicksand of my own faithless moments.


But I am also one who is (like everyone else who is willing to risk hope beyond human reason) a child of God, wooed by the Author of Love. A messy man who who is led by a God who will not rest until He can look at my life and call it very good (Gen. 1:31-2:3).

So as I find the time and inspiration, I hope to let you in on my clumsy journey. All of it. There is an unspoken fear in so many Christian churches that any exposure of our true selves is proof that Christ is not in us.


On the contrary, the more we are willing to brave chasing the rabbit hole down, to see how low we really are, the higher and grander we will understand Christ to be. So let's journey together. Let's discover ever deeper and richer understandings of who our Savior is and what He has set before us! Above our actions and beyond on dreams, we are Defined by Love »


Reclaiming Camelot: Renewing the Real Christian Man

Men, we have been lied to. We have been fed a vision of manhood that turns us into donkeys with carrots tied in front of our noses. Fulfillment is set six inches from our face, which causes us to compulsively run ever further towards exhaustion and failure.


This is never more true than in the pursuit of women. The carrots we are taught to chase never bring fulfillment and the distraction of that chase keeps us from pursuits of real bounty.


There is a better way. A true path to recover the vision of a Godly man of strength. It may feel foreign to some; but if you risk an open mind to pursue this journey, you will find confidence, success and passionate progress towards the course your life was meant to take. And best of all, women will thank you for being a strong, Godly man, and will desire to be with you and be willing to passionately support your quest towards Reclaiming Camelot »

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