Matthew Freeman

Christian Speaker & Bible Study Author


Nothing gives me greater joy than making Scripture sing and watching the Holy Spirit use it to bring healing and freedom into people's lives.


My life is a constant journey of exploring the infinite depths of God's love and bidding others to risk challenging the limits of their hope, risk exploring the full ramifications of the forgiveness and acceptance found in the embrace of our Father, the passionate pursuer of our souls.

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Matthew Freeman: My Journey Thus Far

Soon I will post my journey, thus far. It's been a stormy ride that has left me on the shore, covered in seaweed and whale vomit...right where God wants me.

Articles on Effective Christian Speaking

There are a vast number of enticing temptations Christian speakers face every time they prepare to stand before a crowd. Will they like me? Am I relevant enough? Funny enough? Interesting? Is my zipper down?


While being effective and reaching an audience appears effortless when done right, the truth is that voices tempt us to think there is no room for error. If I don't say this just right, everyone will throw me off the stage, the ring will never get cast back into the fires of Mordor and all will be lost!


All of these tempting voices bid us to take our eyes off the goal, to lean in to the voices of our own insecurities or to trust in our own abilities, and in doing so cause us to waver from placing ourselves under the direction of the Word and trusting the Holy Spirit to move in ways unimaginable and often times unknown to us.


So in an effort to return us to the sanity of the cross, I offer a series of articles on effective Christian speaking.

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