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These are sermon series that I highly recommend:


Series on the book of Jonah:


Jonah 1: The Word of God Came and Messed Up Everything - Randy

Jonah 2: Running from God and Turning to Idols - Randy
Jonah 3: The Storm is the Lord's - Tom
Jonah 4: Dead Man Praying - Tom
Jonah 5: Not Choosing Sin In The Midst of a Storm - Randy
Jonah 6: Second Chances - Dave
Jonah 7: Obedience - Randy
Jonah 8: What Are You So Angry About? - Randy
Jonah 9: What Do We Do With Our Anger? - Randy

Sermon Notes

The composition of a sermon, wringing out every verse, chasing boldly down every rabbit hole of thought and inference--it's pure delight to me. The process of wrestling with the text and finding the right turn and phrase to bring the brilliance of the Word to life for people leaves me feeling like a leaf blown across vast landscapes. Turned and tossed, carried to great heights, and left to glide and rest, taken to where I've never been before.


I offer you my rough notes from some sermons I've been blessed to write and deliver in the past.